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Chi-Town printing is a full service printing company. These guys know printing. They also know the Chicago political scene like no one else we know. If you're planning to run for office, you should give them a call.


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We’re Hiring. We’re Looking for an Entry Level Designer/Programmer.
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Our business is dynamic, growing and job openings do occur from time-to-time. We hire designers and programmers who know the web and also have a good understanding of print design. You need to be able to design optimized web pages that successfully integrate design and code. If you only have print skills, this is probably not the right place to be. Here’s a more detailed description of current openings:

Entry Level Web Designer/Programmer

We’re a Chicago design firm (River West) looking for an “all-around player” with great design skills and an understanding of the basics of programming. We use WordPress/PHP/HTML/CSS/mySQl (and more) for site development. We also provide marketing services and support to our clients ranging from specialized micro-sites and e-Mail blasts to logo design, print advertising and trade show booth design. 

We’ve always been a great place to learn while working. If you don’t know programming or have no desire to learn, its probably not the job for you. We’re looking to fill a full time position, but if you’d like to try it out as an internship, that would be fine. Candidate Requirements:

-Adobe Creative Suite
-Web Programming Basics
-An understanding of Responsive Design

To submit your resume and work samples for consideration, please email us at jobs@bhdgchicago.com. We can’t answer all the inquiries we receive, so here’s how we will handle your submission:



We review all the resumes and samples we receive. You should have knowledge and skills in both print design and web design.



You usually won’t receive a response from us unless it’s for an interview. Initial interviews are sometimes done by phone or we may ask a few questions via e-mail.


Please Respect Our Time

Please don’t attach large files to your resume or send it multiple times to multiple addresses within the company. Samples of your work should reside on the web. Send us the link.


Phone Calls

Phone requests are impossible for us to handle, so please control your urge to follow up by phone. When we’re looking for new talent, we respond quickly.


Snail Mail

Snail mail is fine. Review and response is handled the same for mailed resumes. Under no circumstances will unsolicited materials be returned or be available for pick-up, so don’t send original materials.


Thank you!

Thank you for your interest and for following our simple guidelines.

683 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago IL, 60642 312-433-9000 design@bhdgchicago.com