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    1. In-Hotel Ads for Hyatt Regency Chicago

      We’ve designed hundreds of in-hotel ads for this 2000+ room Hyatt. Busy months here can bring up to 500,000 guests through the hotel. During a prior renovation we planned and managed the installation of over 50 new light boxes for key areas of the lobbies, meeting room and ballroom levels.

      In Hotel Advertisement

    2. Construction Barricades for a Major Renovation

      We supported the hotel’s latest renovation of the East Tower lobby with both interior and exterior banners used as temporary construction graphics.

      construction graphics

    3. Floor Plans for Rooms and Suites

      Floor plans were designed to support the sales team.

      room floor plans

    4. DaddyO’s Pub and Game Room Logo

      DaddyO’s is one of Hyatt Regency Chicago’s four restaurants and lounges. A game room was recently added to this comfortable spot that serves cocktails, micro-brews and pub fare.

      restaurant and pub logo

    5. Wayfinding System

      Hyatt Regency Chicago has 2,019 guest rooms, 4 ballrooms and meeting rooms on 6 different levels in two towers. We developed a color coded system and multiple maps to get guests though the hotel.

      wayfinding graphics

    6. The Wine Room at Hyatt Regency Chicago

      The Wine Room at Stetson’s is the perfect space for small group fine dining. A sophisticated brochure for a sophisticated private dining space.

      Wine Room Brochure

In Hotel AdvertisementIn Hotel AdvertisementIn Hotel AdvertisementIn Hotel AdvertisementIn Hotel AdvertisementIn Hotel Advertisement
construction graphicsconstruction graphicsconstruction graphicsconstruction graphics
room floor plansroom floor plansroom floor plansroom floor plans
restaurant and pub logorestaurant and pub logo
wayfinding graphicswayfinding graphicswayfinding graphicswayfinding graphicswayfinding graphicswayfinding graphics
Hotel Collateral BrochureHotel Collateral Brochure

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